Bonaventure Historical Society offers free guided tours on the second weekend of every month. View the schedule for the coming year. Please see our Facebook Page for any changes or updates.

These tours take about one hour and are hosted by trained BHS tour guides. There is a limit of 30 visitors per guide; if more people show up, we divide those in attendance into smaller groups so everyone can be as close to the guide as possible as he or she narrates the tour.

If your schedule prevents you from visiting on scheduled guided tour days, you can always tour by yourself using the mobile tour app for Apple and Android devices (both phone and tablet). Download for your iOS or Android device.

Another option is to visit the BHS Visitors Center, where you can get a copy of the Historical Society Guide – for which we greatly appreciate donations.  You can also purchase an illustrated, three-dimensional map of the entire property for $6.

We offer private tours for non-profit groups and schools only. Minimum group size is ten people. For smaller groups please contact one of the local tour companies or download our app.  Click here to schedule a private tour.

Image: Tattnall Family Burial Lot.  E-1

BHS guided tours take you to important sites in the historic section of Bonaventure Cemetery.

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Free Guided Tours

Bonaventure Historical Society conducts free Bonaventure Cemetery tours at 2:00 PM and 2:30 PM on the following dates.  Please see our Facebook page for any changes or updates.




Sat, 9 Mar         Sun, 10 Mar

Sat, 13 Apr        Sun, 14 Apr

Sat, 11 May      Sun, 12 May

Sat, 8 Jun          Sun, 9 Jun

Sat, 13 Jul         Sun, 14 Jul

Sat, 10 Aug       Sun, 11 Aug

Sat, 7 Sep         Sun, 8 Sep

Sat, 12 Oct        Sun, 13 Oct

Sat, 9 Nov         Sun, 10 Nov

Sat, 7 Dec         Sun, 8 Dec




Sat, 11 Jan        Sun, 12 Jan

Sat, 8 Feb         Sun, 9 Feb

Sat, 7 Mar         Sun, 8 Mar

Sat, 11 Apr        Sun, 12 Apr

Sat, 9 May        Sun, 10 May

Sat, 13 Jun        Sun, 14 Jun

Sat, 11 Jul         Sun, 12 Jul

Sat, 8 Aug         Sun, 9 Aug

Sat, 12 Sep        Sun, 13 Sep

Sat, 10 Oct        Sun, 11 Oct

Sat, 7 Nov         Sun, 8 Nov

Sat, 12 Dec       Sun, 13 Dec